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Many thanks to a Facebook friend for making dinner possible last night. Three more long days until payday and right back at square one: Where is food coming from today?


The Saltine Blues

Starving. Officially out of food since allocating $30 to RX meds today and dinner, coffee, and milk last night. Would kill for pizza or pasta … or anything to eat other than saltines.

Saturday Post-Surgical Update 2

Just woke from a three-hour rest (post-surgery, I usually take one or two naps a day to combat fatigue); nowhere nearer to raising funds for bathroom tissue, coffee, milk, something for dinner tonight, and the cervical collar my doc wants me to purchase at the medical supply store.

 I can gradually repay small Paypal loans (say, in the five or ten bucks range) if anyone cares to just loan some help but I most definitely need all the aid I can get. Since February, expenses related to this medical emergency have been tapping out almost every dollar I have of my own and funds that my kind friends and patrons pass along. I’m going to need, for instance, bus fare for trips to my doc and to my surgeon this coming week.

Fast Tracking a Slow Process

The post-surgical check-up with my doctor went well yesterday, aside from the edema he discovered in both of my legs, which could be the result of any number of things: the arthritis, or my use of prescription NSAIDs and corticosteroids, or a combination of all three.

He is fast tracking the process for IHSS (In-Home Social Services) and physical rehab. In the meantime, thanks to Lela, the applications for Medicaid and recertification of my SNAP (food stamps) benefits have been submitted. This is going to be a long, long trail, as my doctor remarked yesterday.

The fatigue that’s plagued me since surgery on March 20 has begun to ebb just a bit. Yesterday between doctor co-pay, prescriptions, some much needed household supplies from the “Bargain Hit!” discount store on Sunset, and stuff for dinner, I blew through my last fifty bucks in just under two hours. And I forgot to purchase milk, coffee, and bathroom tissue. And there are still five freaking days until payday.

Six Weeks

Yesterday my doc informed me that I can look forward to six weeks of recovery, meaning six weeks of horrid fatigue that makes it damn near impossible to do all I have to do in terms of social services.

“It was serious and major surgery you went through,” she explained. “It will take some time to fully heal.”

I am so accustomed to running off to medical appointments and tests that I awoke at four this morning worried that I had to get out of bed to meet a pending appointment. After awakening fully, I realized that I do not have another appointment until this Friday afternoon.

Yesterday I went through $100 in record time: after paying down my bill at the doc’s office [leaving a $10 balance], picking up household and medical supplies at the dollar store on Sunset, prescription meds at CVS, and a few paltry groceries, I am now, once again, flat broke and busted with nine more days to go before my next SSD payday.

Monday AM Update

Today begins the long process of applying for additional social service programs that I may now be eligible for and lining up rehab. Received, gratefully, a little cash aid over the weekend but not enough to carry over into today and beyond. Depressed, broke, and in considerable pain.