Great News

Great and unexpected news arrived in the mail Saturday via a letter from the Social Security Administration; now that I  have Medi-Cal/Medicaid as my secondary payer after Medicare I no longer have a $100 deductible taken from my monthly benefits payment. Even better: they reimbursed me for all deductible payments I made from January of this year to June 3.


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5 responses to “Great News”

  1. Jocelyne says :

    I am happy that you are getting a break, Rodger!

  2. Jill Paulsen says :

    I second that, Jocelyne! Hang in there, Rodger.

  3. Rodger Jacobs says :

    Thank you for your support, ladies. You’ve both been kind and gracious to me.

  4. kittymyers says :

    Holy cow, CONGRATS! That’s like winning the lottery.

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