Morphine and Food

“To be alive at all, is to have scars.” ~~ John Steinbeck

And boy do I have one hell of a scar on my neck to show proof of life after a successful but cosmetically botched seven-hour surgery on Thursday.

I cannot say much about what happened at the moment other than to say that I encountered [not for the first time] a Medicare mill that was determined to keep me in the hospital longer than promised so as to squeeze every dollar they possibly could out of Medicare. And to keep me compliant with the program, the nurses were feeding me a steady dose of morphine in an IV drip.

Burroughs_junkyI was stoned on morphine when I fled the hospital in horror and fear at 6:00 PM Friday night, calling a cab from a curb in front of the hospital and spending the last of my cash on a cab ride home.

Now, after two days of a liquid diet, I need a decent hot meal and the means to provide it. If anyone can contribute even ten bucks to Paypal to help me get some food in this house to help with my healing process I would so appreciate it.

Thank you


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