Wrangling between eighteen and twenty monthly prescription medications can be a daunting task. Once the refill date for a med is established by the date you first had that particular med filled, that date is set in stone. Most insurers, including my Medicare managed plan, will not fill a script before that date. So it is that there are several periods in the month when I have to pick up my refills, instead of getting them all at once the same time every month.

The cruel part of this is that my most crucial medications, including my BP meds, stomach meds, and one of my pain pills, always refill at the end of the month. The end of the month when, traditionally, I have bottomed out financially and am biting my nails — if I had nails to bite, psoriatic arthritis destroyed them years ago — while I anxiously await the third of the month when my SSD and Cal-Fresh benefits kick in. For the last 48 hours I have been deluged with automated calls from my local CVS informing me that my “prescription orders are ready for pick-up”. Granted, my share of costs on meds have plunged now that I have Medicaid as a secondary payer but that only helps when I actually have cash money to pay for my medications.


Sunday night’s dinner was the only thing the remaining $1.59 on my Paypal would cover: bologna sandwiches. The nutritionist struck all lunch meats from my diet but after scoring the store for bargains, that $1.57 for thick-cut bologna looked pretty good. And this morning my stomach disagreed. Violently. Unfortunately, one of those meds awaiting pick-up is Lomitil, a primary stomach med.


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2 responses to “Baloney”

  1. Tortoise1000 says :

    I am sorry your hands are so bad. I tried everything when mine were in a similar state, and eventually found tea tree oil, along with a little petroleum jelly, rubbed in, gave rapid relief and eventually allowed them to heal. Might be worth a try?

    • Rodger Jacobs says :

      I use petroleum jelly frequently but tea tree oil never did work for me. Believe me, after 13 years of wrestling with this there’s nothing I haven’t tried at least once.

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