Food and Bandaging

I’m very happy that Lela is here to help and cook and clean for me during my initial recovery (I have three months of rehab ahead of me). But as of tonight there’s nothing for her to cook. All of the medical and medical-related fees (cab and bus fare, medications) have wiped me out until the third of April.

The doctor ordered me to keep my health up post-surgery but how can you eat right when all the costs associated with one’s medical emergency and surgery broke the bank? I received three more hospital bills today from St. Vincent’s and Huntington: hundreds of dollars. I’ll be looking into their programs for “charity care”.

So, today, Sunday, I badly need funds for Lela to go grab a few groceries and dressing, surgical tape, and anti-biotic ointment for the incision scar on my carotid on the left side of my neck. Even five dollars helps. Please. I’m pretty desperate. Paypal is



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