I’m typing this from the Edendale branch of the LA Public Library, next door to my doc’s office on Sunset. Yesterday, at noon sharp, my laptop lost the ability to imnterface with the internt provider’s modem. After spening hours on the phone with Time-Warner tech support it was determined that the issue was with my laptop and not with TWC’s equipment. The computer is at least four years old and had been running on a 2002 version of Microsoft Windows XP. The software must be updated and I do not have the funds to buy a software disc or, for that matter, and new/used laptop. So now I’m left to sit at home with no TV, a radio with scratchy interference, no one to talk to, no way to communicate to the outside world.

I get paid in nine days but until then I need help. Badly. I was summoned to the doc’s office this AM after last night’s BP reading by my in-home nurse revealed that my blood pressure is STILL too low. This has been an ongoing issue since my surgery on March 20. The doc wants to meat plenty of salted soups to see if that will bring my BP up to normal levels. I had an 87/70 reading last night. Anything under 100 is officially low blood pressure

After I send this out I will be heading home. I need to raise funds for soup, durable medical goods and, if the monies are there, a new version of Windows. If anyone can help in any way, large or small, my Paypal is Of course, with no net there’s no way that I can check my Paypal. Senders may call or text me at area code three-two-three six-three-two eight-two-seven-nine.,

Cal-Fresh Update

Apparently Cal-Fresh put an extra $37.00 in benefits on my EBT card today, which may indicate that Niki Lee‘s efforts to get my food benefits raised closer to the max may have worked.

So I can scratch food off of my worries list for today but there still remains the question of how to pay for my “non-durable goods” medical supplies (Medicare will only foot the bill on durable goods like wheelchairs) at CVS today, along with a couple new scrips.

Paypal Monday

I have $5.50 remaining on Paypal; but what I need to acquire the med supplies (largely gauze and tape, non-durable goods that Medicare will not compensate for) I need plus my allergy med awaiting pick up at CVS, and something cheap for dinner tonight, is more like $30.00

Charles Bukowski portrait by Chuck Hodi

Rodger Jacobs:

A beautiful work. I’d love to have a print but ten bucks is a luxury to me.

Originally posted on Bukowski on Wry:


Charles Bukowski portrait by Chuck Hodi. Prints available at

Price: $10 + shipping

High quality 8×10″ print.

Printed at 2400 dpi, 110# Glossy Cardstock

Signed print comes in a plastic slip with a cardboard backing for protection.

Printed by a professional printer. (Watermark not on print.)

Original created with charcoal and pastels collaged background.

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Nirvana, poem by Charles Bukowski, short film by Lights Down Low Productions

Originally posted on Bukowski on Wry:

Short film  of Bukowski’s classic poem “Nirvana” at by Lights Down Low Productions at The narration sounds like Bukowski. Is it?

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Meds and Food. Again.

Just returned from the doc with a handful of scripts, some of them new medications. Unfortunately, I am lacking the funds to pick them up after drop-off at CVS. True, my co-pay is much lower now and the total for these meds will probably be in the six dollar range, maybe seven, but I don’t have that unless I choose the meds over food tonight.

Post-Surgical Update

I may have mentioned this before but it turns out that my stroke in January was the result of a congenital defect; the three arteries on the left side of my head that carry blood to the brain are not fully developed and are “abnormally narrow” and subject to easier blockage. I’m still recovering from surgery (the doc said it would take considerable time); interestingly, he told me that prior to surgery commencing they put my brain “to sleep” so it wouldn’t “freak out” and bring on a stroke once the head was cut into.


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