Lights and Water

As the six month mark approaches since my TIA (transient ischemic attack, or mini-stroke) I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has been so very supportive in my ongoing recovery. I would call you all out by name but the way my memory has been so faulty since that day, I know I would leave people out so better to remain silent but you know who you are.

Most of my social service programs have finally kicked in and my med co-pays at the pharmacy have dropped drastically. Niki, my IHHS worker, is looking into getting my food stamps bumped up from the measly $55.00 a month I was allotted.

During the period of February through May I did not deal with my utility bills as I could barely think straight. In March my hot water was shut off by So Cal Gas; a worker came and shut it off and left a notice on my door on the day I was receiving brain scans via MRI and CT Scans. Now I am facing another utility disaster. I need to raise $183.00 in the next five days (the 15th) or I will lose the lights and the water.

I’ve looked into several charitable organizations that provide relief for those on the verge of shut-off but there’s a huge problem: most, if not all, will not pay your past due amount, only your current due, and it’s the past due that got me in (no pun intended) hot water with L.A. DWP. I do not have $183 to my name and nowhere to borrow it from. If I lose my electric and water I may as well just pack up and move back into a motel, which will be far more expensive than the $500 a month I pay in rent here.  I have applied for the low-income energy assistance program through DWP but it’s not retroactive, merely provides relief with your bills going forward. If someone can see their way toward loaning me the $183 I can pay it off in small increments over time via Paypal. I’m fairly desperate and worried.


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