Bargain Hit

My new cane arrived from Medicare today; they no longer requisition wooden canes so I’m stuck with a metal cane with a plastic handle (I have contact dermetitis from metals).  On “durable medical goods” such as canes, walkers, wheelchairs, etc., Medicare will only purchase replacements after five years of use.

Tomorrow morning, Friday, June 20, I have a long-overdue appointment with my neurosurgeon in the Westlake area of L.A. The bus ride to and from is at no cost thanks to my Para-Transit Access card, but as of today I am flat spent for the month. On the way back from the doc’s office I would like to stop at the “Bargain Hit!” discount store at Sunset and Alvarado where I can buy the same roll of gauze bandaging for my hands for one dollar that I pay $4.95 for at CVS. I also need a few other household cleaning supplies for Niki, my IHSS worker, and more laundry detergent and other sundries to be had on the cheap. Also, I simply do not like going out on long bus rides without money in my pocket (or on Paypal).

So, if anyone can help in small ways, my Paypal Maginot Line remains the same (



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