Everything Stuck To Him, Part VII

Another Cup of Coffee

“Take it or leave it,” the woman said as she sat down at the restaurant table without removing her heavy winter coat.

Ray closed the book he was reading and passed his fingers over his lips. He avoided her gaze, concentrating instead on the circular patterns in the wallpaper. “I would much prefer the latter option … and another cup of coffee.”

The woman fingered the dirty spoon on the soiled napkin. “Be careful, Ray. The rocks are slippery on that side of the shore.”

That was in late November of the year in question. It’s anybody’s guess what the conversation was really about but I relate it here verbatim, just as the waitress overheard it, without embellishment, because that woman possessed a memory like a tape recorder and she never lied to me once. Bill Dent told me that she was a prostitute before she became a waitress but I fail to see how that fact or rumor intrudes upon her honesty.


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