As I have asserted earlier, once the social service programs that I have been deemed entitled to have been in place for four to five weeks, I will finally begin to see some financial relief. Medi-Cal as my secondary insurance has reduced my med co-pays to $1.20 max for generic meds and a max of $6.00 for meds with no generic available. That will save me between $30.00-40.00 monthly. Cal Fresh EBT [food stamps] reduces my grocery bill by $55.00 a month; not a huge savings, I know, but it’s something. My Para-Transit Access pass for free L.A. Metro bus and rail lines, available only to those with chronic and proven disabilities, will also reduce the amount of funds coming out of my meager pocket.

It looks like I will begin to enjoy savings by July. But June is going to be troublesome and already has me popping an extra Lorazepam, my anti-anxiety medication. This month I am flat broke. When my SSD payment hit today I had a negative checking account balance of $38.00. I am $400.00 shy on my rent and I have until the fifth of the month to pay before daily penalties begin to accrue. Part of the reason is that U.S. Bank discontinued Direct Deposit Advance services, a service I greatly depended on. When I informed my landlord in February that I would be late with the rent owing to my stroke and hospitalization and costs involved, he was coldly uninterested, only asking, “When can you pay?”

I could write a long treatise here explaining the ins and outs of my financial path but I’ve done that before, often to little avail. In short, I’m screwed and panic-stricken and that, of course, is detrimental to my health.


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