Pledge Drive

If you are enjoying the literary offerings we’ve been dropping here at RJ Online over the last week and would like to see that trend continue (instead of my drab medical journal) please pause a moment to consider a small contribution as a token of your appreciation. Today I am nine days away from payday and have urgent needs that must be addressed. I need two new rolls of gauze, petroleum jelly, and a few more non-food items that Cal-Fresh EBT does not cover. Further, I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and since my TAP free access card has not arrived yet the bus fare is coming out of my pocket — except there’s nothing in my pocket but lint. I also need to make a token payment to Time-Warner Cable to keep my interwebs turned on.

On Tuesday, Niki, my IHSS worker, wants to “get a start” on the laundry piled up in my closet. At one of the nearest laundromats to my home, one load of laundry costs approximately two to three dollars for wash and dry, and I easily have six or seven loads of laundry. And I’m getting low on laundry detergent as well.

My Paypal remains the same — — and, once again, even five bucks helps tremendously.

Photo by Joseph Mailander, 2014, Atwater Village

Photo by Joseph Mailander, 2014, Atwater Village


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One response to “Pledge Drive”

  1. Rodger Jacobs says :

    I also need to purchase a mop ASAP.

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