Savings and Expenses

In the next four weeks I will begin seeing substantial savings in my normally-in-the-red checking account as my social service programs kick in. On Saturday, for instance, I received notice from Access Para-Transit that I will receive my card for unlimited free access to all L.A. Metro bus lines. And the free cell phone from the Lifeline program will save me anywhere from $15-35 per month in airtime. As soon as I receive my Medi-Cal card (as secondary payer to my Medicare) I will no longer have to endure co-pays at the doc’s office and the pharmacy.

Unfortunately, however, there are still plenty of OTC medical needs that come out pf my pocket and I need help big time today. I have been out of gauze bandaging for two days (for the plaque psoriasis on my palms) and need to purchase two rolls at CVS at $4.99 each plus a small tube of petroleum jelly @ $3.49. Problem is I don’t have that kind of dough-re-mi in cash or on Paypal.


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  1. Rodger Jacobs says :

    And i just received an automated call from CVS informing me that I have prescription(s) available for pick-up today.

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