Stomach Virus

Went to the doc yesterday and was diagnosed with “a severe case of a very nasty stomach bug that’s going around”.As if I needed another, albeit temporary, illness to grapple with. I’ve been drinking lots of water and lemon lime soda and need to get eggs and yogurt this AM (EBT card for that expenses); what I am lacking are the funds to pick up the meds at CVS that my doc sent over yesterday.


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  1. kittymyers says :

    Susan Miller, of, has been very sick with a nasty stomach bug. Here are some of her updates:

    May 6 via Twitter: I just finished May [horoscope] so we will post tonight…I’ve been on bread and water for a month, and a fever. Might be e-coli poisoning

    May 12 via Twitter: Extremely virulent, dangerous bacteria in my gut is making me suffer terribly. Drugs very powerful but slow. Weak, eating little, all bland. … Doc identified the bacteria. We are trying to avoid steroids at all cost. …I’ve been too weak to check email or post. Not eaten normal meal since April 10. Not strong enough to cook my steel cut oatmeal

    May 14 via Twitter: Flagil pills working. I’ve 6 more days. For the 1st time in five weeks feel I’m turning the corner, but far to go. Terribly weak. … I am much weaker than last month in that I have been on BRAT diet (see Google) for 5 weeks, but pills ARE stamping out virulent bacteria.

    May 15 via Twitter: I’m still v sick + wonder how long I can go on like this. Pills working slowly but side effects horrible. Dinner: cup cream of wheat/bananas

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