Yesterday I received in the mail my CalFresh EBT food benefits card. It will me a mere $55 a month so I’ll need to get creative with my shopping. I cannot use the card until the PIN code arrives in a separate envelope sometime this week.

The in-home nurse next stopped by and dropped off three large boxes of gauze bandaging but overlooked the surgical tape.

And then following the nurse, my social worker arrived with scads of paperwork for me to sign for IHSS. Now that Medi-Cal is approved I need to hire a part-time caregiver, someone to come into my home and do light housekeeping, shopping, go to the laundromat, and keep me company when I need it. The pay is $9.65 per hour, it’s a year-long gig, and social services will let me know in a letter what the worker’s hours will be. If you know anyone in L.A. who fits the bill let me know ASAP. There’s a lot of folk out there looking for work, even part-time work.

I’m fresh out of coffee and surgical tape, milk and sugar, and something for dinner too but down to something like two bucks on Paypal. In the absence of my EBT PIN, if anyone can chip in with a few bucks it will, of course, be gratefully appreciated.


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