E-Mail Newsletter, 05/07/14

Dear Friends,
It is only a matter of time before you will be reading these fundraising newsletters with lesser frequency as the gears of social services continue to grind in my favor. I have picked up some freelance part-time Op-Ed writing work and that should start paying dividends in the next few weeks. And my social worker says “everything looks good” for my Medicaid, food stamps, and IHSS to kick in once she receives my doctor’s disability certification, which was apparently lost in the mail. (I have a copy to provide her with)
But May and June will continue to be a bit of a stretch. Yesterday I was able to scrape together enough cash to pick up one of my primary BP meds and Lorazepam, my anti-anxiety medication, which works in conjunction with Meclazine, the med that controls my vertigo. But I had to walk away and leave something like 15 RX meds behind at CVS and I need them badly as well as funds for groceries (I’m okay for the moment but I will be bereft of food before the end of the week) and transportation to and from doctor appointments and the store and pharmacy. Among other things, the social service programs that I am qualifying for over and above my SSD and Medicare are intended to leave more money in my pockets at the beginning of the month; my free cell phone (with 250 free airtime minutes every month) will alone save me between thirty and forty dollars a month in phone billing. But I beg your patience and charity just a little bit longer while everything moves forward in typical governmental slowness.

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