Caretakers and Meds

Yesterday, Tuesday, I managed to cobble together enough cash on hand to pick up one of my primary blood pressure medications, Atenolol, and my anti-anxiety medication, Lorazepam. Fifteen medications remain ready for pick-up once I have the funds. Beginning in early March, Medicare lowered the cost of my RX co-pays to roughly one dollar per bottle.

My in-home nurse stopped by the house at 6:45 Tuesday eve for a quick check-in, including BP monitoring and scar tissue examination. I have about two more weeks of in-home nursing care before the process is handed over to a more full-time In-Home Support [IHSS] person of my choosing once a social worker determines how many hours are needed per day, week, and month to care for my basic needs.

My social worker left a voice mail message early Tuesday morning to say that she has bee n through my documentation package for IHSS and “it all looks good” except for the missing doctor’s disability certification report, which was allegedly mailed by my physician’s office on April 14. I have a copy of the report and am anxious to get this resolved ASAP as it’s getting increasingly difficult for me to accomplish basic chores such as grocery shopping, pharmacy runs, laundry, housekeeping, etc.

My ambitions today are pretty basic: somehow raise enough funds to pick up my remaining meds at CVS.


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