The Basics

Last Saturday I received in the mail my free cell phone via Assurance Wireless and the Lifeline program. Erroneously dubbed “Obama Phones” [the program has been in existence for more than two decades as a small tax on your monthly phone bill], Lifeline is for the disabled, homebound, and/or individuals coping with poverty. I will receive 250 free airtime minutes per month and 250 free text messages. This will save me around thirty to forty dollars per month on cell phone airtime.

On Friday I have my appointment with Access Services here in L.A. to determine if I qualify for low-cost transportation to and from medical appointments and pharmacy runs, which will not only save me money in transportation funding but will make it more likely that I can keep all of my appointments instead of having to reschedule due to lack of bus or cab fare.

I am still waiting to hear from social services on food stamp recertification, Medicaid, and In-Home Support Services. These things take time.

And in more good news, I have landed my first paying freelance journo gig. Check back for updates on that in the near future.

In the interim, however, after paying rent yesterday I have bottomed out for the month of May. There are forty dollars worth of RX meds awaiting pick-up at CVS that I simply do not have the funds for after food and rent. Yes, for once I chose food over meds yesterday and my blood pressure is suffering the consequences of that action. If and when Medicaid kicks in, they will cover the 20 percent co-pay that Medicare does not pick up but until that day I remain out of pocket and going on two days without my major medications.



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