3:00 PM And Some Is Well, but not everything

The MSW came and went; she promised to kick butt on the social services programs that have not kicked in yet.. As far as Medicaid and IHHS, that takes over 30 days to process though, she says, I’m “in the system now with an assigned case number”. So a few more weeks before — knock wood — Medicaid kicks in and lowers my med and hospital bills to zero percent.

And the home care nurse followed in the MSW’s wake. Shes very concerned about a section of my scar that is red and inflammed and could lead to an infection. I’m supposed to see my doc tomorrow at 11:00 AM but that’s dependent on whether I have bus fare.

And as of the pending 3:00 PM PST hour I still have no food to put on the table and have not eaten since Sunday afternoon, and even then it was not much.


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