Wednesday Medical Update (04/16/14)

Via FB:

Lela has gone out to photocopy all of the documentation that social services needs to finish processing my application for EBT benefits and Medicaid. She is then traveling to the Glendale Social Services office to drop everything off to my caseworker. In the meanwhile …
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  • Rodger Jacobs … my primary care doc has the papers he needs to fill out and certify that I am legally disabled, recently had major surgery, and need In-Home Support Services. Once those papers are received and processed I get a visit from another social worker.
  • Rodger Jacobs Once that social worker determined how many hours per week I need of IHSS — anywhere from 1 to 8 hours a day — then I have to hire someone for the first year.
  • Rodger Jacobs In the interim, CVS phoned an hour ago and apparently I have 5 R meds ready for pick-up but L needed the last of the cash on hand for photocopying and bus fare. And apparently there’s nothing for dinner. Damn. SOS.
  • Rodger Jacobs One of the meds is my meclizine (anti-vertigo), which the doc upped the dose on yesterday, which I need badly.



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