According to my primary physician yesterday, the falling incident in my kitchen Monday morning is caused by a vertiginous issue unrelated to my mini-stroke and arterial surgery. In short: I have a a bad case of vertigo, with blood not moving to my head fast enough after rising from a sitting or bending position. My physical therapist, as a result, is teaching me to rise more slowly. As if I needed more health issues.

The doc increased the dosage of my Meclizine pills yesterday (anti-vertigo meds) and I need to pick them up along with two other RX meds this afternoon. The problem of the moment is my co-pay, approximately $7.80.


I have very mixed feelings about Lela Michael returning home to Nor Cal this Friday. Yes, I know I broke up with her in December but she’s proven such an invaluable help over the last four weeks and I really could use her continuing support for one more week. But, at the end of the day, as they say, it’s her decision and I’m grateful for the time that she did graciously render.


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