All Fall Down

Sorely need help this Monday morn. I woke at 4:30 and went into the kitchen to make coffee; as I bent forward to empty yesterday’s coffee grounds into the trash can I lost my balance and slammed forward into the wicker cabinet, cutting my right hand badly, and then fell backwards on my ass onto the kitchen floor. Lela immediately woke up and aided me to my feet.

I need to get in to see my primary doc this morning or this afternoon because this incident, combined with the bad vertigo spell I had last week at CVS, are not good signs. Unfortunately, I do not have bus or cab fare for the two of us to get to the doctor, nor the funds for a refill of my Meclizine, an anti-vertigo medication the doc prescribed me and will no doubt refill today.

If you can help in any small amount (I also need new gauze and bandaging from the pharmacy) my Paypal is


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