Nurses, Pills, and Food

Yesterday the in-home nurse came by to organize my RX meds, which is a big part of her job; so now I have a spiffy new pill organizer that lays out my meds by the time of day that they are taken. She also informed me that  a few of the medications that I had been regularly taking in the morning are actually meant to be  ingested at bed time.

Today I have a 3:30 in-home with the bathing nurse and a 4:40 with the nutritionist. And speaking of nutrition — a good friend took me to the Silverlake Trader Joe’s on Tuesday and purchased, on his generous dime, several nights worth of good suppers: a whole chicken, salmon burgers, steamer clams, pasta.

When the nurse was sorting my pills yesterday we discovered that I need refills on four crucial RX meds as well as new gauze and petroleum jelly. Unfortunately, I am down to six bucks on Paypal and that will only cover two of the meds.



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