Eliminating Possibilities

Now that all the tests and scans “to eliminate possibilities” have concluded, the last week or so has been consumed by pre-surgical tests, which have exhausted me.

Friday was the worst day. I had an appointment for 10:30 at the MRI center. The instructions that Metro gave me were incorrect and I ended up at USC, far from their office on South Virgil in L.A.’s K-Town. I called them in a panic and they rescheduled me for 2:00, which gave me plenty of time for my blood work at St. Vincent’s Hospital, located above L.A.’s famed MacArthur Park.

I got off the bus at Grandview and Sixth Street and, per the instructions, walked three blocks to the hospital. Three blocks uphill, a steep mother of a hill. I surrendered six vials of blood.

Then it was on to Renaissance Imaging for my third brain scan, which I hate. The contrast dye this time made me violently ill all evening.

Surgery is three days away, Lela will be arriving tonight. Thanks to all who helped with her travel fund. I will be in need of food money while she is here, both for at home and at the hospital so she can buy lunch or breakfast in the hospital cafeteria.


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