Wired …

The last two days my psoriasis has exploded, largely a result of stress. If I do not come up with $71.46 by 11:00 PM on Monday I will lose my internet connection via Time-Warner.

Without internet, I will lose my connection to the outside world; when I do not have air time on my prepaid cell, which is often, I rely on my free G-Mail phone and e-mail and Facebook to communicate with the outside world, including my doctor and neurologist; with no cable TV, the web is my sole source of streaming video. If I can pay even a minimum of fifty dollars, I believe, given my personal circumstances, I can convince TWC to keep me turned on, but as of this moment I have five bucks in cash and $6.06 on Paypal.

If I can get five folks out there to Paypal me ten bucks each or seven kind donors in the same amount, I can breathe easy. God knows I do not need this extra worry and stress right now. If you want to call it a loan, that is workable; I get paid on March 3 and I have two freelance assignments coming up. My Paypal is rodger_jacobs@yahoo.com

Thank you in advance …


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