Terra Incognita

Lela phoned last Friday night to learn if I had the results of my CT Angiogram that afternoon. I appreciate her concern; after all, we were together for eight years. She already knew that on Thursday my doctor had me rushed to Renaissance Imaging in L.A.’s Koreatown for two MRIs [ribs to see if they were broken and brain to check for a mini-stroke event] totaling 46 minutes and one CT scan of my abdomen to rule out spleen damage.

My ribs, it turned out, had been only fractured, not totally broken. My spleen was unaffected, and there was no evidence of a mini-stroke. However, they did find two disconcerting things: a abnormally narrow neck artery and evidence of a brain aneurysm. So I was sent back to Renaissance on Friday afternoon for a CT brain scan, which was very uncomfortable because of the molten lava dye the technician injected into my blood stream. No results yet but I may be seeing the doc tomorrow.

I returned home on Friday after the test to discover a notice on my front door that Southern California Gas had disconnected my service for non-payment of past due. So now I have no hot water. And as of Sunday eve I have no money on hand to get me through until the third of March. Between medical co-pays and cab fares to and from hospitals over the last two weeks I am in the hole once again. I estimate I spent almost $400 on the aforementioned expenses since “the incident” first went down on January 31.

Much more to come on Monday. Check back for updates. My strength is limited these days so I cannot write all that I want to at the moment.


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