What Happened?

When I awoke late Saturday morning, there was sharp pain, muscle tenderness, in my upper back just below the left shoulder blade, which may go a long way toward explaining just what the hell happened yesterday that had me whisked away to Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena for seven long hours.


Sometime in the three o’clock hour on Friday I headed off to the Metro bus stop to head to the pharmacy to pick up three scripts and a few groceries. I do not recall making it to the bus stop; my next recollection was sleeping. I was sleeping with my head resting on my arms folded across my knees …. as I sat on the curb of my residential street. I was jolted away by the blare of sirens directly in front of me. Two paramedic wagons and one engine company truck stopped and I was suddenly surrounded by six firefighters and medics.

The men were kind, concerned, and caring enough but they were determined, come hell or high water, to get me to a hospital, especially after I failed to answer a series of common questions like, “What year is this?”

There will be more on this later but suffice to say for now, I barely escaped being kept at Huntington for observation, fleeing in the middle of the night and making a long excursion via Metro rail, bus, and taxi cab back home by midnight, after being poked, prodded, X-rayed, MRId, and fed an IV drip of fluids, nutrients, and anxiety medication. And that flight back home stole most of the money I had to make it through the weekend.


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