Above the waterline …

Four days away from payday on Monday, a direct debit bill payment I overlooked dinged my Paypal account this morning dinged my account for $46.48, leaving me no funds for food and meds.

Getting a solid grip on the household bills now that Lela is not around to manage them any longer is proving to be an arduous process, especially since I have been ill with various ailments since Christmas and, as a result, rather distracted and unfocused.

With a monthly stipend of around $980 from SSD, rent at $500, medical copays running between $100-150 monthly, there’s not a lot left over for bills, which is why I’ve been compelled to float two payday advance loans monthly — costing me an additional $100 a month in interest fees — just to keep the boat above the waterline. If I could get the loans paid off and the utility bills current, I might be ahead of the game but at present I cannot envision how that scenario could become a reality.


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