Down Gallow’s Way Published in Underground Voices’ 2013 Anthology: Red Moon District

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Underground Voices Red Mood District CoverUnderground Voices Red Mood District Back Cover

Just in time for last-minute holiday shopping, Underground Voices has released their 2013 Anthology featuring a selection of potent tales including my very own short story, “Down Gallow’s Way”.

The anthology, titled Red Moon District, can be purchased online through or Barnes & Noble.

Pick up a copy and support indie authors, an indie publisher, and most importantly, your ol’ pal Dave.

Here’s an excerpt from “Down Gallow’s Way” to wet your whistle…

So when I moved into Clementine’s house just off the pike, the little blue rancher with the overgrown lawn and rusted metal fence that stood in the center of a clusterfuck of lesser homes and doublewides nestled at a fork in the road, we were in the middle of that blasted April heat wave. After the wretched winter of the snowpocalypse where we were hit with record snowfall amounts and left to trudge through mountains of the stuff that seemed like it…

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2 responses to “Down Gallow’s Way Published in Underground Voices’ 2013 Anthology: Red Moon District”

  1. David H. Schleicher says :

    Thanks for the reblog, Rodger. I enjoyed your short story in the collection – it was a compact and grim view into communal madness and mob mentality.

  2. Rodger Jacobs says :

    You’re most welcome, David, and thank you so much not only for reading my story but for your flattering compliment; that’s precisely the theme I wanted to convey in the work.

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