Vertigo, Laundry, and Cell Phones

What began as a sharp pain in my right thigh that woke me out of a dead sleep on December 27 soon evolved into excruciating discomfort that left me virtually unable to bear any weight on my leg, not even with the aid of my cane. This was a maddening hurt that even my prescription pain medications could not touch.

Because of the holidays I was unable to get in to see my doctor here in Echo Park until last Thursday. She diagnosed my condition as a herniated disc in my lower back. Sometime next week I have to go in for an MRI. She increased my prednisone for a big blast to bring down the inflammation and refilled my pain meds. And then I told her about these annoying dizzy spells I’ve been experiencing, which I thought were the by-product of stress and anxiety. No. It’s vertigo, possibly the result of an inner ear issue. For the time being she prescribed a remarkable medication, Meclizine, that immediately wiped out the dizzy spells.

In the interim my house is a mess because I’ve been unable to clean, and then there’s the issue of several months worth of dirty laundry that Lela left me with. Since I have no washer and dryer this is going to be a tough one to figure out.

I also badly need a new cell phone. Lela took my AT&T Go Phone with her — not knowing she wouldn’t be returning — and probably will not come back to pick up her belongings until February 1 or thereabout. The only phone I have is the Gmail phone on the laptop but I can only make and not receive calls on it and I’m expecting a lot of calls from my doctor’s office. Since my credit is beyond repair, I’m limited to cell providers that do not require a credit check. Not that I have the funds for a phone at the moment; I’m still trying to sort out the bills that Lela previously handled and trying to get caught up on everything.

It was certainly a … memorable holiday season.


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One response to “Vertigo, Laundry, and Cell Phones”

  1. Kitty says :

    I was diagnosed with non-positional vertigo several years ago by an ENT doctor. I was prescribed Vertigoheel, “a homeopathic preparation used to treat dizziness from various origins,” which worked very well. I haven’t needed it for several years now. However, I met someone else with the same diagnosis, and his doctor (an ENT) treated him by shaking his head:

    It worked very well for him. As far as I know, he never had another vertigo episode again.

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