Down, Down, Down

Thanks to help from a good friend, last night I had a decent supper for the first time in at least a week: salmon steak, mac and cheese, peas, garlic bread, all purchased at the Silver Lake Ralph’s grocery store. It was a nice balm after a day and night spent in extreme joint pain that my medications could not touch. I was also able to purchase some much-needed meds and med supplies at CVS.

And today, Monday, I’m back at square one: down to ten bucks on Paypal with no end of expenses in sight this week, including laundry, food, more meds to refill (remember, I’m on 20 RX meds and two required supplements from the vitamins and minerals that methotrexate robs from my system), an upcoming doctor visit this week — which I need near-urgently but cannot book until I know I have the $30 co-pay in hand — and a past due internet bill. Things will be changing for the better soon but in the interim I just hope I survive to see the change considering that this almost daily strain of worrying about and chasing after funds to provide for the most very basics is wearing me down, down, down.


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