A Mess

I keep assuring myself that I will endure, I’ll get over this, but this is one of those days I’m not so certain of that.

Shortly after this morning’s post I rushed to the bathroom and promptly got sick, partially from my meds but largely from the lack of food. The only thing I could afford to buy for dinner at the store yesterday was a dozen eggs ($1.50), no vegetables, no fruit, no bread. Not nutritious and far beyond my weekly minimum for eggs with my high cholesterol readings. So there was not much in my stomach to protect it from the bombardment of meds and up that coffee and those eggs from the night before came.

I returned to bed at 10:30 until one in the afternoon but my attempt at rest was largely thwarted by the red, seething, burning skin on my arms and legs. I need a  shower to  wash away the dead, exfoliating flakes but that will not be easy in my state and I really don’t have clean clothing to change into.

This is a mess, folks. I need food other than eggs, that will not do. Jesus Fuck, I can’t even afford to do laundry let alone eat and get more meds today and a doctor appointment this coming week. Some fucked up shit.


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