Many, many thanks to all the warm and generous friends who made it possible for me to take care of what needed taking care of, largely medications, med supplies, and a few groceries.

I sincerely apologize if I fail to send everyone a personal note of thanks but I’m feeling very poorly of late, both physically and psychologically, and I spend many hours of the day offline, contemplating the physical pain and the deep, deep mental rut I seem to be stuck in.


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4 responses to “Gratitude”

  1. Karen says :

    I’m thinking about you and hope you can somehow heal. I know you know your critical chronic condition is worsened by your mental and emotional state. Aware of your intelligence, I am sure you have looked into every possible remedy or means of assistance. I can only offer hope and encouragement, and thanks for increasing my literary awareness.

  2. Rodger Jacobs says :

    Thank you, Karen, for your kind thoughts and hopes. I know that my mental state aggravates the physical and I’m desperately trying to pull out of this altered state of existential ennui I’m going through for the sake of my body.

  3. Lion and the Hunter, By Siobhan Lyons says :

    So sorry to hear the pain that you’re in, Rodger. I cannot even begin to imagine. I know everyone hopes that it only gets better from here. All of our thoughts are with you.

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