Joints, Food, and the Whole Damn Thing

12 days to go before Christmas, which does appear to be a good one this year, and I’m a mess. The joints in my hands, knees, and feet are angry and swollen. It’s difficult to walk and hard to hold anything without dropping it. I have to pick up my methotrexate (an oral form of chemo) at CVS today to bring about some small measure of relief. But I’m also out of Prednisone, which speeds up the effects of the MTX. I only have enough cash on Paypal ($4.76) to purchase one of the meds, not both. Since the MTX is much more crucial, I’ll have to opt for that. I hate having to choose one prescription over another.

Dinner last eve was a reheated chicken liver, a dollop of cottage cheese, sliced pickles, and saltines. It was the only food in the house and now there’s no more. I had a kind and thoughtful donation via the Go Fund Me page yesterday, however that had to be appropriated to pay a past due utility bill.

So there you go. Broke. Sick. Hungry.


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