Early Christmas

Thanks to the beloved friend, reader, and patron affectionately known as MDT I was bestowed with early Christmas gifts this year. I now have two brand new pairs of jeans, a very warm winter jacket, new circulatory socks, and additional Aveeno lotion and foot soaking powder. Very unexpected, very much needed, and appreciated beyond words.

Sorry for the radio silence around here but I’ve been in a bit of a downturn lately. It seems I may have permanently lost the ability to write by pen. Between arthritic pain and an occasional tremor in my right hand I cannot scribble anything longer than a grocery list. And I’m experiencing one of the worst psoriasis flare-ups in many years. Mostly I’ve been reading an Updike book and sitting in the chair at my small desk listening to NPR or KUSC (classical music) all day until five. Not an enjoyable lifestyle but the music and chatter and Updike help me from going insane.

So now it’s off to the bank to withdraw funds and purchase a money order for the rent, and then — presto! — I’m flat-ass broke for the duration of the month. I could swear I just did this one month ago.

That is all. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.



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2 responses to “Early Christmas”

  1. Karen says :

    So do you now have a working computer? Or is that still on your wish list. Thank you for introducing me to the poet in a previous post. I am sorry that she has passed. A long time ago, I discovered Edward Abbey and decided I wanted to meet him. I was dismayed when I learned he had already died. I feel the same about this woman.

  2. Rodger Jacobs says :

    I’m very pleased that you enjoyed discovering Wanda Coleman, Karen, she was a gifted writer and poet. Sadly, as the L.A. Times obit for her pointed out, she never quite made a sustainable living at her craft, like so many artists today.

    I have one working laptop, yes, but it’s presently divided between two people. I need one that is exclusively mine, for my own personal use whenever I need it, 24/7.

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