Man, it never fails to amaze me how fast things can go south when one is struggling on the social and cultural margins. A good day, like Thursday was, is an anomaly and is to be cherished and embraced and celebrated because good days are few and far between the rotten ones that bookend them.

Last eve I managed to fall asleep a little after eleven despite the raucous shouting, hooting and hollering, and booming music from my neighbor’s party. When I awoke Sunday morning I had a tremor in my right shoulder and hand, probably from my arthritic shoulder.

When I moved into this substandard house last year I had a patron who helped with the utility bills for the first six months. Around the same time that funding was withdrawn, the cost of my health care soared and it was obvious that something would have to take a back seat to food and Medicare co-pays. That something was the utility bills.

I always strove to pay at least the past due minimum on the electric and garbage bill from LADWP but that kept a ‘current charges’ amount floating and then, of course, there were late fees and penalties that get us to where we are now: $311.26 due by 5:00 PM today, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, or the lights go out.

I have $75.00 on Paypal and four scripts to pick up at CVS this morning. Losing my electric means losing my internet and my connection to the outside world as well as my only source of heat from the space heater since the owner will not have the gas heater properly repaired. But there’s no money tree in my yard and raising money on a Sunday is like pulling a tooth with deep roots.

So, yeah, feeling pretty much fucked right now.



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