Ratty and Torn

Planning on working on the bleached bones piece this afternoon just as soon as I put out the latest fire, namely raising funds on the Paypal Maginot Line for the thirty bucks I still owe on the past due internet bill as well as cash needed for a few new pairs of diabetic socks — no, I am not diabetic, but loose and soft socks for diabetics easily slip over my feet which are plagued by thick plaque psoriasis and deformed by psoriatic arthritis — and a few grocery and sundry items. The last e-mail newsletter to subscribers trying to generate a healthy amount on the tote board did not get very far; but, of course, money is tight for most folks this time of year, which is why food banks see a significant uptick in help requests during the holidays.

I also need funds to get over to the Salvation Army Store in Glendale and purchase a new/used pair of pants. Ever since I began detoxing from oxycodone addiction, diarrhea has been a daily fact of life (also caused by stomach sensitivity to the RX pain meds the doc replaced the oxy with) and I have lost so much weight my current two pairs of ratty and torn Levi’s no longer fit.


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2 responses to “Ratty and Torn”

  1. criticextraordinaire says :

    Sorry to hear about the oxy withdrawal, Rodger. I hope things get better for you.

  2. Rodger Jacobs says :

    Thank you, CE, and long time no see. Hope all is well.

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