Good, Bad, and Indifferent

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Well, it looks like there will be a Thanksgiving high on the hill here in Echo Park this year thanks to a couple of generous and kind friends who are sending us the goods for a complete traditional dinner. So that’s a good thing. A very good thing.

Not a good thing is the fact that I did not have my regular monthly doctor appointment last month owing to lack of funds — I still owe $26.00 for the September appointment — and it’s looking less likely that an appointment this month is in the offing. I urgently need to see the doc since I am now tapering down off the low-dose hydrocodone that he instructed me to take daily so as to slowly come down from my five-year addiction to RX painkillers instead of quitting cold turkey. I’ve been experiencing a lot of “new” pain of late that had previously been masked by the opiates, particularly in the leg joints and knees, and spectacular dizzy spells.

But back to good things. I’m in the very early stages of penning an original L.A. noir short fiction piece for the Underground Voices 2014 anthology, which I was invited to participate in. I would like to complete and submit my piece for consideration long before the June deadline.

And then a few more not so good things: There’s a $4.48 balance remaining on Paypal after prescription pick-ups throughout the week and a token payment on a utility bill. We received a warning from Time-Warner Cable yesterday that we need to pay our bill like right-damn-now to avoid fees or shut-off of the interwebs, which is my lifeline to the outside world from my outpost here on the hill so, yeah, that’s not a good happening. Need to find funds today somehow, somewhere for gauze tape for my hands, milk, a few groceries and a traditional bottle of cheap wine for our traditional Sunday dinner.


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