Life Can Be Beautiful

Joe Gillis: I’ve got some ideas myself. One of them being this is New Year’s Eve. How about living it up a little?

Betty Schaefer: As for instance?

Joe Gillis: Well….

Betty Schaefer: We could make some paper boats and have a regatta. Or we could turn on the shower full blast.

Joe Gillis: How about capturing the kitchen and barricading the door?

Betty Schaefer: Are you hungry?

Joe Gillis: Hungry? After twelve years in the Burmese jungle. I am starving, Lady Agatha — starving for a white shoulder —

Betty Schaefer: Phillip, you’re mad!

Girl: You can have the phone now.

Joe Gillis[Paying no attention] Thirsting for the coolness of your lips –

Betty Schaefer: No, Phillip, no. We must be strong. You’re still wearing the uniform of the Coldstream Guards! Furthermore, you can have the phone now.

Joe Gillis: O.K. [He gets up, starts out, turns] Suddenly I find myself terribly afraid of losing you.

Betty Schaefer: You won’t. [She takes the glass out of his hand] I’ll get us a refill of this horrible liquid.

Joe Gillis: You’ll be waiting for me?

Betty Schaefer: With a wildly beating heart.

Joe Gillis: Life can be beautiful! [He leaves.]


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