Ross MacDonald didn’t live to see the Fukushima disaster

“They had jerrybuilt the beaches from San Diego to the Golden Gate, bulldozed super-highways through mountains, cut down a thousand years of redwood growth, and built an urban wilderness in the desert. They couldn’t touch the ocean. They poured their sewage into it, but it couldn’t be tainted.”

~~ Ross MacDonald, “The Drowning Pool” (1952)




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2 responses to “Ross MacDonald didn’t live to see the Fukushima disaster”

  1. Will Campbell says :

    Ross McDonald also didn’t live to resolve his incorrect presumption of the greater Los Angeles area — that “urban wilderness” — as desert, a fallacy primarily foisted upon its citizens by the Los Angeles Times and politicians around the beginning of the 20th Century in order to build support for the bond measures that would lead to and pay for the importation of water with which rampant growth was then irrigated. It has been propagated by subscribers to that myth ever since.

    • Rodger Jacobs says :

      True, Will, but MacDonald was incredibly prescient when he wrote that Las Vegas is L.A.’s “most far-flung suburb”. Having lived there for many years, I can guarantee that you can fetch any Angeleno off the streets of our fair city and drop them down blindfolded in one of Vegas’s many suburbs and exurbs and they would swear they were in the San Fernando Valley, the same master-planned communities and strip malls and gas station mini-marts. It’s eerie, really.

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