Computers and Pills

Coyotes in Echo Park

Lots of publishing news in the works. In December, Underground Voices is publishing an original short fiction work of mine. “No Style, No Grace, No Mercy”, and yesterday I was invited to submit an original work of noir for their 2014 anthology with a rather extended deadline of June.

The June deadline is much-needed because over the last few months the joints in my hands have been getting progressively worse. I have not written a word in the last eight weeks for various reasons — kicking prescription painkillers can be quite a sap on one’s creativity, for one — but primarily the issue is that it appears I am no longer able to hold a pen for more than five minutes at a time, and when I can clutch a writing instrument in my gnarled hands the penmanship, once so smooth and elegant, is akin to scratches made in dirt with a detached tree limb.

Somehow, some way, I need to get another laptop. Not necessarily a new one, a rebuilt old computer like the one I purchased last year from Atwater Village-based AVS Computech will work just fine and will probably only cost around $300.00 — but the odds of three hundred clams dropping into my lap that will not be immediately earmarked for past due bills or medical expenses is slim to none.

After paying the November rent yesterday I have once again bottomed out. I had to cancel my monthly doctor appointment in October owing to lack of money for the co-pay and I desperately need to see the Doc this month but I don’t know where the bucks are coming from. And yesterday several of my daily maintenance prescriptions came due for refill, including Trazodone and Cymbalta.


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